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OSHA Today is: April 17, 2014

OSHA Safety Certification

OSHA Requires IT…

                                   Experienced Operators Need IT…

SuperTech Can Provide IT!

What is "IT?"  Training!  Operators of powered industrial trucks must be fully trained and employer certified as required by recent federal regulation and be job-site specific. Truck (forklift) operators are required to complete: 

Formal Classroom Training   ♦   Practical Hands-On Training    ♦   Testing and Evaluation

OSHA states that the EMPLOYER is responsible for the work place evaluation of its employees.

As an Employer, you need an effective and comprehensive training program to meet this OSHA regulation.

SuperTech is the answer to your forklift operator safety training needs which assists you to meet and exceed the OSHA standard 1910.178 by offering comprehensive training materials and programs.

Our operator safety training program conducted at your facility includes:

· OSHA regulations
· Truck specifications
· Warnings and precautions               
· Controls and instrumentation            
· Capacity and stability
· Steering and maneuvering
· Operating limitations
· Accessories
· Surface conditions
· Load conditions
· Load compositions
· Common accidents
· Truck inspections
· Pedestrian traffic
· Hazards and classifications                      
· Ramps and slopes
· Personal protection
· Certificates of Completion and Wallet Cards  

How Operator Safety Training Benefits You:

· Safer Operators
· Lower Maintenance Expense
· Fewer Accidents
· Less Liability Exposure
· Less Product Damage
· Higher Productivity
· Meets OSHA’s Requirements




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